Need a PCP?

Under the new healthcare laws, everyone needs a primary care physician (PCP).  Increasingly, MDs are not pursuing the field of primary care in favor of specializing, which means that the increased demand for primary care physicians will only be amplified as the Affordable Care Act rolls out in the coming year.   Those of us that arechiro symbol ‘healthy’ typically don’t go and see a PCP regularly…or do we?  Did you know that chiropractors are considered PCPs in Oregon?

The job of a PCP is to manage the healthcare of their patients, and as such are required to: diagnose conditions based on history and physical exam, order and interpret basic medical tests such as blood work or medical imaging, determine the need for and refer to specialists, and counsel on healthy behaviors such as diet, exercise, weight loss, and health screenings.  In chiropractic school we are trained in all of these areas and more.

Dr. Mays does regular re-exams that include a physical exam typically every month for injured patients and every six months for patients that are doing well.  That exam will always include a taking your vital signs, including blood pressure.  If indicated, she will order blood work or medical imaging.  As chiropractors we treat the whole person, feel free to ask Dr. Mays about not only your musculoskeletal complaints, but also your heart health, smoking cessation, how to start an exercise program, if a diet you are considering is safe, and any other health questions you might have.  Chiropractors are not only the primary source to manage your pain and stiffness, but a doctor you already know who is there to manage your whole health!

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