My Chiropractic Story

Many people have been asking about how I came to be a chiropractor lately, so I decided that I should tell the world here.

In my mid-20s I was working like a crazy woman. I worked in a laboratory by day working with hormones in saliva and by nights and weekends I was waiting tables in a sports bar. I was clearly overdoing it to make ends meet those days and some weird symptoms were popping up here and there. My mom sent me to see her chiropractor, Dr. Susan Harchak. I was skeptical, but went anyway. I told the doctor what was going on with me and she told me that she didn’t know if chiropractic could fix me. She did think that we should do an exam and see if my spine was functioning normally and if she found anything, it would warrant correcting anyway. I agreed that I would prefer to have a normally functioning spine regardless so I went ahead with the exam. She found subluxations in my spine. So I started care. All Dr. Harchak did was adjust me at my visits. In 2 visits I never had that weird stuff happen again. But I kept going to get adjusted. At that point I didn’t even care that there were no symptoms. I didn’t even really care if my ‘spine was functioning’. Honestly, I really kept showing up because when I got adjusted I felt more alive, I felt more like myself.

As time passed there were certainly lapses in care. There was a few months where I did massage instead, which was good for me, but in a totally different way, but I went back to chiropractic to feel that vitality again. I moved to Philadelphia for an amazing job opportunity at the Academy of Natural Sciences. I went a few months while I got acclimated to my new life, I walked by a chiropractic office on my commute every day. Eventually I called them and made an appointment. Dr. Scott Wilson adjusted differently. I was nervous. But his adjustments still worked. My time in Philly was what I consider to be the healthiest time in my life. I walked 3 miles a day just commuting, I practiced yoga for 75 minutes or more most days. I ate almost exclusively from farmers markets and the CSA. I had very little emotional stress in my life. But chiropractic was still necessary, it still added to my life and well-being.

When I felt I had come to the end of my journey as an ecologist and was thinking about what my best match would be for a completely different job, chiropractic wasn’t on the initial list. I didn’t want to make a mistake and go the wrong way. I made a list of all the facets I wanted in a new career. After one of my regular adjustments I was walking home and it occurred to me that chiropractic fit every single thing on the list. Also, Dr. Scott always seemed so happy, who wouldn’t want that? So I began the application process, was accepted to chiropractic school, and started classes the following January. To this day I continue to get regular adjustments to continue to be the most vibrant version of myself. Because chiropractic does this for me, I chose a smiling sunshine for my practice logo.

I do not practice chiropractic because I have a passion to help people with low back pain or headaches. I do not practice chiropractic because I have a passion for getting people out of any pain or sickness at all. I practice chiropractic because I enjoy bringing more life to people. I want all of you to have the opportunity “to be more like yourself.”

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