What is chiropractic?

Chiropractors are primary care physicians, as such we are highly skilled in diagnosis of all types of conditions and your chiropractor will be able to recommend the appropriate care for whatever ails you.  Chiropractors are conservative physicians that will always recommend the least invasive solutions.  Unlike an MD family care physician, who is best at managing internal conditions, chiropractors are neuromusculoskeletal experts.  Musculoskeletal conditions are the most common pain generators.

Chiropractic treats: Back pain & stiffness, neck pain & stiffness, headaches, extremity pain & dysfunction, TMJ syndrome, disc herniations, as well as carpal-tunnel and sciatic-like symptoms.

Chiropractors get your stuck stuff moving, stiff joints & tight muscles.  A chiropractic adjustment works on the similar concept that if you have a stuck door you need to give it a quick bump to get it moving again.  Adjustments can be performed on any synovial joint; it’s much more than just your spine!  We adjust everything else that moves, including your jaw, arms, and legs if indicated.  Chiropractic soft tissue therapies break up adhesions in your myofascial tissue to get the muscle moving smoothly.  How does that treat pain? The pain pathways in your neurologic system are located very close to the mechanoreceptors, and neighbors talk; if the mechanoreceptors are cranky they stir up the pain response.

Chiropractic treatments typically include chiropractic adjustments & soft tissue therapies.  Very often you will be sent home with exercises that will continue your healing progress while you’re not in office.  Your participation is the key to accelerated healing and needing fewer office visits to reach your goals.

Dr. Mays’s goal is to give patients the tools & support they need to live their best, most healthy life.  Make an appointment if your body is limiting you from achieving your best life possible.

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