Dinosaur Trash

Hiking is an activity that I love.  There is nothing better than getting out into nature.  It boosts my mood more than anything else I can think of.  A fellow chiropractor who practices in Ashland, OR once posted an idea that I loved and started to practice.  I invite you all to join the effort.


fallen (Photo credit: massdistraction)

When out in beautiful natural areas, you often come across trash.  Humans couldn’t possibly have left it there because they wouldn’t want to throw trash in such a precious place.  The dinosaurs obviously left it behind.  Since they aren’t around to clean up after themselves, lend a helping hand.  Every time you go out, take a piece of dinosaur trash with you.  If everyone practices this, we’ll get rid of those messy dinosaurs’ mess in no time.

So when you’re out enjoying nature, grab a piece of dinosaur trash every time.  This is one way you can bring Earth Day into your everyday life.

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